Raise your hand if you don’t like the fantastic colorful tops, futuristic design shoes, reflective inserts and energetic shades of runner’s clothing. On the other hand, if I didn’t already, I would start running just to wear them! Joking aside, let’s see which is the ideal clothing for good running pants and why, the spoilero immediately, the choice must fall on the technical one.


Running is an activity that is generally practiced outdoors, both during the cold season and in summer. This allows you to be more free in your outfit and, especially if you’re just starting out, it’s okay that you won’t be too worried about the technical side of the outfit. In the early days, I used to go running putting the first useful things that came my way. Just the shorts and the cotton T-shirt that I had at home and away, without thinking about it too much.

It should be emphasized that it was summer and my routine was solved in less than an hour of training, between warm-up and running. I was at my first attempts and this was enough to fill up with endorphins and prepare myself in the best possible way for the day. Then I preferred to run in the morning, I just had to put on my running shoes while everything else remained a detail that I did not care about. Even if, in the end, the feeling was to have a wet rag on me!

When the need to run continued even in spite of the cold winter temperatures, I had to equip myself. Yes! Because when the thermometer goes down, cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts that get soaked in sweat are to be banned. As soon as you stop, in fact, they freeze over and the feeling is not at all pleasant, I assure you!

Attention, then, to another element: running shoes. Saying “I’m at the beginning and do as I please”, never applies to shoes that must be running and suitable for your support! The best shoes are those that fit your needs and prevent you from injury, both in the short and long term. To learn more about this important topic, read also “Women’s running clothing explained piece by piece”.


Back to the question: how to choose the ideal clothing for running. Keep in mind that it must meet specific requirements. What are they? We have already mentioned one: the sweat that develops during training must be dispersed as soon as possible. This is to prevent it from getting cold on the body making us sick. Already here we understand that one of the characteristics of the ideal garment is its breathability. This basic concept is valid for both summer and winter garments.

Another common element is lightness, intended as minimum weight and minimum bulk. This ensures not only a perfect fit, but also greater freedom of movement and greater comfort during sports. Of course, in summer, the fabrics will be fresh and designed with weaves that allow greater ventilation and heat dispersion. While in winter the materials and textures will allow for a pleasant warming effect when worn in contact with the skin.


Personally I do not like to use windproof jackets or similar, even if specifically designed for running. But the perception of temperatures is largely subjective, so jackets or sleeveless, as long as they are specially designed for the sport. This is because only windproof jackets designed for running, allow you to maintain a constant body temperature and, at the same time, disperse sweat. In the cold season, therefore, they become your main allies against colds.

You must always keep in mind that, during running, your body will increase in temperature. So if you start out feeling slightly cold, you will already have warmed up enough after a few hundred meters. Therefore, be careful not to dress too much, because the excess heat produced during training could, in the long run, create discomfort and make you feel more fatigued.

When I run in winter, even with 2-3 degrees, I wear “only” two long-sleeved jerseys, some capris and a neck warmer to cover the nose and neck. But I assure you that I have also seen runners running in shorts and sleeveless tops even in the middle of winter! Brrr! This is to tell you how difficult, if not impossible, to give the same indications for all in the same way. Experience in the field your personal temperature tolerance threshold, starting with the rule of dressing lighter than you think is reasonable.


But we continue to list the advantages of technical clothing in running. Since, as we said, we run in the street, we need to see satisfied first of all a very important need: visibility!

The bright colors and reflective inserts are intended to make you visible for a matter of safety! If you run on busy roads, in the evening hours or, in general, with poor lighting, you must signal your presence to motorists as much as possible.

Very well, then, in this case, equip yourself with extra accessories that further increase your visibility in urban and suburban contexts. You can use the specific reflective bands, or the small wearable running lights that will not make you go unnoticed!

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