Hair dryer type

Among the variety of hair dryers, there are three main types of them: professional models, household, and compact ones. Look quiet dryer reviews for the best option.

  • Professional hair dryers are designed primarily for use in beauty salons.
    They are very powerful, rather massive (due to more durable metal parts) and, which is extremely important, reliable – they can withstand loads of hours.
    Often these hair dryers are equipped with a large number of speeds, temperature conditions and nozzles.
  • Household hair dryers are designed for home use. They weigh a little, are quite quiet in operation, but cannot boast of a large number of “pumped up” functions.
  • A compact hairdryer, thanks to its foldable handle and small size, is a great travel option. You can always take it with you on vacation, a trip out of town or to a fitness club.


The main characteristic of hair dryers is power. Some models consume from 200 watts, others – all 2000 watts. This affects the capabilities of the hair dryer when working with hair of different lengths and thicknesses.

The number of temperature modes and the maximum air flow rate depend on the power. Why is it important? Heat damages hair, and a powerful hairdryer will dry it faster and hurt less.

The most powerful hair dryers are professional, but they are needed in salons. Gadgets with a power of 1300-1500 watts are suitable for home.

Temperature regime

The presence of several temperature modes allows you to put your hair in order not only quickly, but also safely.

The choice of a certain temperature depends on the condition of the hair, its length and density. For example, styling weak and damaged hair should first of all be gentle, which means that it should be dried with cooler air.

Number of speeds

The airflow regulator is an extremely convenient thing. The more speeds your hairdryer has, the easier it is to take into account the individual characteristics of your hair when drying.

Modern features of hair dryers

Technological progress has come to the beauty industry, which offers many useful and interesting devices for the beauty of hair. Modern hair dryers dry your hair in five minutes, spoil it less and prevent it from becoming electrified.

To choose a good hairdryer, stylists recommend taking a closer look at the latest models and their additional functions. Thanks to them, your hair will look like you just left the beauty salon every day.

Let’s talk about these functions in more detail.


The now popular “feature” is the ionizer. It does not allow the hair to become electrified and, thanks to this antistatic effect, keeps the hair shiny and healthy.

Removable air filter

An important function for the practical! With a removable filter, it is easier to shake out dust from the hair dryer, and this significantly extends the service life.

Humidity control sensor

The principle of its operation is quite simple. The sensor monitors the moisture level of the hair and automatically reduces the air flow rate if it starts to dry out.

Infrared lamp

A hair dryer with it dries hair at a low temperature and twice as fast, so the hair is less injured.

Cold air blowing

The hair at the roots can be dried with hot air, and the rest with cold air, so as not to damage them even more.

Touch activation

The sensor system itself adjusts the operation of the hair dryer depending on whether it goes down (the device automatically turns off) or rises (turns on). And no buttons!

Ozone lamp

Drying with ozone-rich air has been proven to have a powerful healing effect. It accelerates the formation of a protective layer of hair, prolongs the retention of the color of colored hair, and even reduces dandruff.

Overview of the essential styling attachments

The first-class styling result is in direct proportion to the hair dryer attachment you use. You need to choose the desired effect, put on the desired attachment and go to the hairstyle of your dreams!

So, let’s figure out which is which.

Narrow hub

This attachment is included with almost all hair dryers. The standard hub is 50–74 mm long and 60–90 mm wide. Due to its shape, it allows you to control the air flow on precisely those strands that need drying.

The concentrator helps you create a wide variety of hairstyles: smooth, lined curls, curls for long or styling short hair.


A universal thing with which you can create volume on any head of hair, form curls on curly hair, achieve a careless effect, and more.

Small holes in the nozzle distribute air evenly, allowing you to gently dry your hair at the very roots.


It is a round brush with plastic teeth or natural fibers. On long hair, hairdressers use it to form a “Hollywood wave”, on short hair, they create volume at the roots.

Flat comb

The comb attachment does a better job of styling hair below the shoulders. Thanks to her, fluffiness and disheveledness are smoothed out, curls become straight, evenly falling and shiny.

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