Many people think that long haircuts for men are not in trend these days in 2019 and are old fashion, but this is a big myth. In fact long haircuts for men are most talked about these days. They are now even applied to get a formal look. It entirely depends on which hairstyle you have chosen for your face. But in case of long haircuts for men they are numerous alternatives to choose from. To gibe just the basic idea that what all hairstyles for long hair are popular in 2019 for men, here are the best trendy ones discussed for you.

Curl and Wave

Easy Long haircut for men with curls and wave make your hair look thick with great volume. If you have beautiful natural curls or wavy hairs, it will come out best in long haircut. Make sure your hairstylist cuts it in a perfect shape to suit your face and hair texture. Straight log cut with curly hair will spoil the look, it is better bring it in right shape so that it does not look over bushy and also, create a off mid part to give it a perfect shape.

Thick and Shiny

Healthy and thick hairs are meant to flaunt. You can grow them out and give them a nice long haircut with layers. Additionally you can even allow them to frame your face, which can bounce occasionally. If your hairs are shiny and smooth comb them with your fingers while using a blow dry, this will give them a natural look.

Tidy And Parted On the Side

Well here comes the long haircut that breaks all your myths. If you have silky and soft hairs that can be managed well with your fingers, this long tidy haircut is just for you. Many people think that long haircut can give only a casual look, but this hairstyle will prove you wrong completely. So if you want a formal look with something that is not boring, you can choose tidy long haircut parted on the side.

Tucked Away Behind the Ears

If you are blessed with a sharp square jaw line and wish to flaunt the masculine look, this long haircut for men will best suit you. Ask your stylist to cut your hairs till the chin length and apply side swept bang on the front that can be tucked behind your ears. This will be a perfect fix of casual and tidy look. The only caution to look after is that apply too much product might give a feminine look, so keep it as simple as possible.

With lots of innovations and experiments, long haircuts for men are no more just a few in numbers. They can be shaped in a variety of ways depending upon your persona and face features. But to the most popular easy ones, above mentioned were the best in trend long haircuts for men.

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